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Maybe you don't know what is tag cloud but for sure you have seen it on a website. First let's explain what is tag... In my own words Tag is a keyword that is used in a website to describe or mark high interest and relevant content. Using tags visitors can easily access content of their interest like articles, news, images. Combine tags in one box, add them the parameter of importance and popularity and you get cloud tag as visual representation of most important terms on a website. So now that you learned what is tag cloud let's go little deeper and see the aspects of creating tag cloud.

Tag Cloud Keyword Importance

The whole concept of creating tag cloud is to show most visited content on a website. Based on that to every keyword in cloud tag is added parameter of importance that represents frequency of each item. The importance in tag cloud is shown with font size and/or color variation. If the tag has less importance then it has smaller font size and opposite as much as importance is bigger the tag has bigger font size and different color based on min and max boundaries for font size.

Visual appearance

Tag cloud is usually sorted alphabetically and center-aligned but they can also be sorted by tag weight or random order. In most cases the tags are shown using HTML representation and are rounded in link anchor. The font size and color are added with. On below image is shown example of cloud tag:

Tag Cloud Formula

There are many online sources that show how you can calculate tag cloud but here is a formula that I'm using long time and that gives good control and linear proportion on font-size vs occurrence: Used parameters: sc - the smallest count (or occurrence). tgc - the count of the tag being computed. lc - the largest count. sfs - the smallest font-size. lfs = the largest font-size. Formula: tag_font_size = ( (( tgs - sgc) * (lfs - sfs)) / (lc-sc) ) + sfs; You can implement this formula in any code just make sure as output you use floor or integer. If you want on Wikipedia you can read more about tag clouds their types and history.

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