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Get latest google trends with php

Today is very important to know how to rank on internet and what is important. Google has made that for us easy providing Google Hot Trends which shows what people have searched the most in the past period. Here we …


PHP Remove non ascii characters

In this post I will show you how you can get rid of the magical characters that sometimes show in your strings. Yea, how ofthen you opened your website and you saw stupid odd characters in your text like å …


Generate Random String PHP function

Randomly created strings without specific pattern are best way for protection. When u create your password is best way to be big random string including variety of letters and numbers. Here is a function for generating random string depending from …


Sorting a PHP Multidimensional Array by Value

Multidimensional arrays are nice way to combine your data. PHP have great support for arrays including sorting functions for one-column and multi-column. Sorting single-column array is very easy by using sort() function and for sorting multi-column array is used function …


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