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When u create website it is always necessary to protect your files and folders and show to users only what you want they to see. If you give them url from some example of file (image, document etc.), they can always edit the URL and list and view your other files in that directory even if you don’t want. With .htaccess we can simply disable that and prevent them to view specific directory. Preventing directory from viewing is very simple and requires only 1 line of code into the .htaccess file. With this protection user is able to view a specific document in that directory if he has direct url but he cannot view and list the directory that contains that file. To prevent specific directory from viewing create .htaccess file with the following line of code inside:
Options –Indexes
Then upload the created .htaccess file into the desired directory. After uploading open the directory in browser and you should see below screen message.


If you see 403 Permission Denied message it means that your .htaccess file works and you have successfully prevented your directory from viewing.

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