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Working and earning on Internet has become daily life for lot of people around the world who use their experience and knowledge to work like Freelancers. Internet over years along with many web based platforms has become huge job marketplace where you get paid for what you can offer as professional. There are many ways how to send and receive money online but not all are good. You should consider and analyze lot of aspects before choosing the payment processor you are going to use. First and most important thing to do is search the internet for reviews and comments of people that already have experience. After that you should consider the services they offer, payment processing fees and all other aspects that you think are important for your payment to be completed properly.

Payoneer - Best solution for sending and receiving money online

For more than 4 years as Freelancer I have used and changed lot of payment processors in order to find the best that will suit my needs. My main conditions were to have:
  • Good Review
  • Low Processing Fees
  • To be easy to withdraw money, and
  • to work with the job platforms like oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and other...
Payoneer Global Payments fulfilled everything that I asked and offered even more services that I didn't even knew that I will use in first place.

What is Payoneer and is it safe?

Payoneer is Global Payout Platform for more than 9 years on the market. Created to simplify the world of commerce and help to transform the tupical international business. Using Payoneer services, companies can work with their business partners or freelancers in more than 200 countries and make payments if they were working online. The value of Payoneer is confirmed by their numbers. They serve more than one million payees around the world and are included in thousands of companies as main payout system.

Payoneer Services

As I mentioned above all that I needed I found in Payoneer. So here is a list of their services that make them unique and special. P.S. I will point here only the services that one Freelancer needs
  • Receive money from more than 2,000 companies worldwide Payoneer is global payout provider to thousands of companies, so if you are working with one of them, getting paid is very easy just sign into your account and select Payoneer as your payout method. Here is a list of some important companies that Payoneer works with: Odesk, Elance, 99designs, Fiverr, ClickBank, 2Checkout, DepositPhotos, Guru, NeverBlue, Taboola, Pond5, iStock, Freelancer, Demand Media, Avangate, Zillow
  • Receive money from another Payoneer Account Free There are more than 2 Million Payoneer account holders worldwide so you can receive funds from any of them - FREE of Charge!
  • Receive money directly from US based companies Receive commercial payments from US based companies, no matter where you are in the world – just like anyone with a US bank account.
  • Withdraw using Payoneer PrePaid Debit MasterCard When you create account with Payoneer you can request a Payoneer MasterCard that you can use to withdraw money from ATM, purchase in stores or online
  • Withdraw to your Local Bank Account Another way to withdraw funds from Payoneer is directly to your bank account. You can transfer your funds in more than 200 countries, in over 50 currencies.
  • Withdraw to your eWallet Also as third option of withdrawal is transferring funds to your eWallet.
If you think that Payoneer is the right choice, click below link to create an account now.

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