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If you want to automate posting on your Joomla site, there is easy way to do that.

XMLRPC for Joomla! 2.5.x is a plugin that installs XMLRPC library on your Joomla Site and prepares it for receiving XMLRPC API calls.

To Install the plugin please follow below steps:

Step1. Download Plugin

Please Click Here to download the plugin, scroll down and you will see section like below image. Then click on the box icon on left side.

You will be prompted to accept the license terms, please click on ‘I accept the license terms.’  As shown on below image.

Step2. Install the Plugin

1) Please login to Joomla Administration.

2) Select ‘Extension Manager’ from ‘Extensions’ Menu.

3) Click ‘Choose File’ and then ‘Upload & Install’. This will install the plugin on your Joomla Site.

To be sure that the plugin is installed you should see message ‘Installing package was successful’.

4) Navigate to ‘Plug-in Manager’ from ‘Extensions ‘ Menu. Then click on ‘ID’ column twice to sort the plugins by latest installed.

You will notice that latest 2 installed plugins are ‘System – RSD’ and ‘XMLRPC Joomla’. Click on ‘Status’ icons for both plugins to enable them.

5) To verify that you properly activated and installed this plugin navigate to ‘XMLRPC’ from ‘Components’ menu.

There you should see below screenshot which indicates that the plugin is successfully installed.

Last and important step is saving plugin options. Due to bug in installation file the plugin fails to create configuration file that is required.

Without those files you won’t be able to connect to XMLRPC API.

Follow below 2 simple steps to complete and create configuration file.

Tricky url information

After completing installation on the plugin there is no easy place to see your XMLRPC Url on your Joomla Site. Because of that lot of people have difficulties finding it.

Your Joomla XMLRPC Url should be in the following format:


In some cases when opening above url you will see message like “#403 The request is empty.”  Which indicates that your url is correct just didn’t received the right information.

Notice for users of private.ezbacklinks.com

When adding Joomla Site in your Account you need just to provide the main url of your site [YOUR_SITE].

The system automatically checks if it is Joomla and adds the rest of the parameters.

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