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Randomly created strings without specific pattern are best way for protection.

When u create your password is best way to be big random string including variety of letters and numbers.

Here is a function for generating random string depending from the entered length parameter.

function generate_random_string($length) 

	$generated_string = '';
	$last_char = 0; 
	$chosen_char = 0; 
	for($l=0; $l<$length; $l++) 
		while($chosen_char == $last_char) 
			 $chosen_char = rand(48, 109); 
			 if($chosen_char > 57) $chosen_char += 7; 
			 if($chosen_char > 90) $chosen_char += 6; 
			$generated_string .= chr($chosen_char); 
			$last_char = $chosen_char; 
	return $generated_string; 

Let’s explain the above function…

As input parameter we have $length which is the value how much we want the string length to be.

As defined parameters we have:

  • $generated_string - which in code body will accept the chosen characters
  • $last_char – remember the last chosen character so we don’t have 2 same characters in a row
  • $chosen_char – represents current chosen character

The FOR Loop generates 1 character at a time until he receives the value length, containing inside WHILE loop that checks if the new chosen character is same as the last character.

You are maybe asking what are these 2 lines for?

if($chosen_char > 57) $chosen_char += 7; 
if($chosen_char > 90) $chosen_char += 6; 

This function generates random string without any special characters and uses PHP chr() function to generate characters based from an ASCII Table.

So if u see the table below you will notice that with these 2 lines we are jumping the special characters in the Table and we give as result clean letter/number random string.

If you want the special characters to be included also in the random string you can modify this function very easily.


Here is example so you can test this function… Just enter string length you would like the system to generate.

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