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Using proxies in your script is vital part from coding when you want to stay anonymous. Due to server security which get's better every day, we sometimes need to use proxies in order to do the desired actions without our IP address to be blocked by remote server firewall. When searching proxies you can choose from:
  • Public free proxies - Used by lot of people and not reliable at all especially not for some ongoing script process.
  • Shared paid proxies - Used by limited number of users. The limit of users depends from service offered and if you decide buying these kind of proxies you must make sure that the number of users is not large.
  • Dedicated proxies - Proxies you purchase are only available and used by you for the entire period. These proxies are not shared between other users so they are perfect for implementing into some ongoing script process.
I have used proxies from variety online sources but I always was not satisfied with their services. Experiencing proxies downtime, network problems and slow speed was causing my scripts to execute slower or sometimes even break and not give the desired result. So few months ago I again started to search for new proxy source hoping I can finally buy quality cheap proxies. And I did... I found BuyProxies - online source that offers semi-dedicated and dedicated proxy packages very reliable and for low price.

What you get with BuyProxies?

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Guaranteed Speed and Up-time
  • No program restrictions, you can use proxies in any tool
  • Fast support 7 days a week
  • and most important FRESH NEW PROXY IPS EVERY 30 DAYS - This means even if some of your proxies are going to be blocked by some remote server in 30 days you get new fresh proxies ready to be used.

Proxies IP Location

Depending on your location and also the remote location where you plan to use the proxies for anonymous access you can choose between 2 types of location. When buying proxies on the order form there is option to select US proxies or Europe Proxies. US proxies - All around US countries Europe proxies - UK, Netherlands, Switerland, Germany, France.

Proxies Performance

Using these proxies is the best choice you are going to make and you will never search again new proxies. Proxies Speed is great and their up-time is 100% guaranteed and tested from me. Only suggestion that BuyProxies gives is that for best performance you should use max 100 connections per proxy.

Pricing and packages

BuyProxies offers variety of packages that you can purchase depending from your needs. You can choose between Semi-Dedicated Proxies shared only between max 3 users.

and Dedicated Proxies that you own after purchasing.

Conclusion & Rating

As I mentioned at start of this post I have used and tried lot of different proxy sources and non of them offered the speed, uptime and price options as BuyProxies. Thanks to their reliable and cheap proxies you can code your scripts without worrying are proxies going to stop working or be slow... Authentication can be on 2 ways, first one with user/pass for proxies and second using IP Authentication on your server which makes it very easy to implement the proxies and not even loose time on authentication. Also their customer support is something that should be mentioned cause they reply always within 5 minutes, even I used it very little because on my satisfaction I didn't need to contact them for problems they were always happy to help me and provide me with solution to my problem.

I rate this source 5/5 when compared to other proxy sources. I tested it, I use it for over 6 months and without any problem, that deserves every applause to these guys about their service.

So if you need high quality cheap proxies

>>> Click here to order your package <<< & never search again for new proxy source

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