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jQuery Fixed Table Header

Often we are using tables to present specific kind of data on a web page. They help us to arrange and structure our information in nice and clean way so visitor can read and understand it. Tables are great choice …


background-position CSS property

For creating nice website design we must use images therefore CSS has a great property that allows us to insert the images on a specific position. Using background-position property in CSS we are able to set the initial position of …


AJAX Tutorial – Beginners, Learn How to Code Ajax

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or shortly called AJAX is the best technique invented for exchaning data between client and server side in real-time. Combining JavaScript and other server language in our tutorial PHP you are able to execute any action …


PHP Download Any File

When coding our systems, we constantly need to give members the ability to download files from server, like their report files, pdf guides, excel documents and any other. Using PHP we can perform creating on specific files and execute automatic …


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