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With the explosion of application programs interfaces (APIs), the web has actually become an intermingling of innovation, as if all your favored applications got together at a speed-dating event. Making use of web APIs we can now mingle the capabilities of several applications together and remove the need of clicking through different applications to get what we need. Below is a list of 5 most used web api services at the moment.

Google API

http://code.google.com/more/ In the past years, Google has actually moved far past simple search to maps, social networking, e-mail, and more. Google APIs allow these various tools and services to be interfaced through many applications, bringing the multitude of Google products to just about every nook and cranny of the Web. Following REST, XML and XSLT requirements, Google APIs are created to be easy-to-use and steady. Google's endless roadmap of innovation, internet services, and internet application development make this option a no brainer.

YouTube API

http://code.google.com/apis/youtube/overview.html The biggest video-sharing website, YouTube's slogan of "Broadcast Yourself" is self-explanatory, average individuals, not the media, have actually turned YouTube into an internet juggernaut. This goes even further with the YouTube API, which enables people to integrate the video content and functionality nonetheless they want. YouTube offers both a YouTube Data API and a YouTube Player API, enabling programmers fantastic flexibility and control over YouTube's functionality and material.

Facebook API

https://developers.facebook.com/ With the Facebook API, programmers can incorporate a more individualized social experience on their own websites, consisting of the capability to "Like" and share pages. With the Facebook API, Facebook data can get in touch with countless business apps for limitless possibilities. Also if you need some stats for specific url you can extract information using API and get url like count, url share count etc...

Twitter API

https://dev.twitter.com/docs/ Twitter is a real-time details network that continues to allow millions of individuals to link and share info for free. The Twitter API is a substantial resource-- critical to the development of social networks in our world today. With the Twitter API, developers have the ability to incorporate with daily personal and company applications, producing automation and fast availability for sending and reviewing tweets. Twitter provides numerous options, including a Twitter for Websites (TfW) suite of integration tools, along with a Search API, REST API, and Streaming API. With these internet APIs, Twitter is now extended all over consisting of blogs, mobile gadgets, social media sites, and more.

Amazon API

https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/advertising/api/detail/main.html Initially a simple bookseller, Amazon is now the marketplace leader selling anything from cat food to web applications and both Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 web services provide simply as much versatility. With S3, you can save your files in Amazon's data center and manage gain access to utilizing the Amazon API, which has both a REST and SOAP interface. Using the Amazon S3 API is a convenient means to expand information storage and take advantage of various other expert web applications.


As technologies remain to converge, integration and partnership are becoming progressively more popular across the whole landscape. As a search result, a growing number of business are driving forward together rather of contending with each various other. Who profits from all this? The most crucial individual of all: the user, which is why it's time to obtain online API bandwagon.

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