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Get Moz API data using PHP

MOZ or formerly SEOmoz is the best search engine optimization suite that provides lot of SEO tools that help you in research on global most important SEO aspects. What I like the most from this service is the ease and …


ClickBank API in PHP

ClickBank is known as powerful online marketplace for digital information products. It is widely used like payment processor by owners because it gives a way to offer high commission rates to your JV partners and affiliates which leads to more …


Top 5 Web API Services

With the explosion of application programs interfaces (APIs), the web has actually become an intermingling of innovation, as if all your favored applications got together at a speed-dating event. Making use of web APIs we can now mingle the capabilities …


Buy Quality Cheap Proxies – the best online source

Using proxies in your script is vital part from coding when you want to stay anonymous. Due to server security which get’s better every day, we sometimes need to use proxies in order to do the desired actions without our …


Run code when theme is activated in WordPress

When creating theme for WordPress in most of cases you need to execute bunch of code in order to achieve what you want and integrate fully your theme. What you can do is create new categories within theme create predefined …


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